Report Week 5 (04.07 - 11-07)


  • Tests for the DiffWindow

Not much was done this week due to the pressure from uni. I had like 3 exams haha and I have 2 more incoming. I'm finishing exams and the entire semester by Wednesday! My activity should improve a lot more.

However, the plugin is actually now pretty useable! It's been tested and should be safe to use.
Oh and by the way, the plugin is now in the official Joplin plugin list. You should be able to directly install it now. :slight_smile:



Next week

  • Improve UX when working with the tool.
  • Add a way to directly move over the Title.

Is it intended that your plugin is compatible from Joplin 1.8, even if your changes for the field conflict_parent_id are included from 2.0.9 onwards?

Uh.. nope actually not intended. I just don't know how to restrict versions yet haha

The plugin does work when the value doesn't exist (aka conflict notes created from before the update). But I've not tested it at all when the column altogether doesn't exist.