Report Week 4 (27.06 - 04-07)

Goals Achieved

  • Code refactored a little more to allow for a more general diff-tool in the future.
  • Added Save and Cancel button functionality.

The dialog actually works now! If you ever face a conflict, you can now simply right click it and hit "Resolve Conflict". It'll open a compare window where you can do your changes before saving.

Please do try it and let me know if you have any criticism :slight_smile:

Download the plugin here:

The plugin is still experimental / in beta. Please don't use it on an important note just yet.


None, however I'm having exams this week. So not much will be done in week 5.

Next week

  • Write tests for DiffWindow

Excellent work @Ahmad45123 ! This is a great milestone!
I've spent some time testing the plugin and I had a few (mostly cosmetic) comments

  1. The titles in the diff window should be clearer. "Remote Note" and "Local Note" don't really make sense to me as a user. I can infer that Local Note will be the new accepted note but it's not clear from the title. You should consider changing these to reflect the fact that one of these editor (the one on the right) will be kept and the other will be discarded.
  2. Currently the note titles are not part of the editable section. This is fine, but if the notes have different titles as above, then it might be helpful to have a button that will copy of the title. Ideally this would look the same as the button used to copy lines,
  3. Minor issue, the popup window is not sized to the current Joplin window and is cutoff when using anything but the largest window size.

Really great work so far, I'm looking forward to seeing this plugin in use!

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Uhh but how do I show that ? Maybe just show like a note beside the buttons ?

Frankly, I do know about this bug and spent hours trying to fix it :joy: and ended up just giving up for now. I'll create a github issue so I don't forget about it.

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I would start by changing the titles, for example

Remote Note -> Conflict Note
Local Note -> Resolved Note

And then maybe a small note

"Please review both notes and make the appropriate corrections in the Resolved Note."

Something like that.

Otherwise Ahmad if you still have any doubts, an excellent place for this kind of questions is

Perhaps there are some UI trick you could use to convey that one side is the resolved note and the other the conflict note, and you might get some suggestions by asking over there.