Replaced Android Phone - May have deleted notes during first Sync - looking to restore deleted

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Hi, I recently changed phone and added the Joplin app to the new phone. I synchronised with my Synology WebDav and thought it had completed so went to delete the usual Joplin welcome notes. It said that notes had been deleted but the welcome notes were still there, and it was continuing to add synchronised notes in the background. I now believe I accidentally deleted some of my own notes as a couple of things I have searched for recently are not there. Please can you advise how I can find these notes and restore them. Thanks in advance.

Right off the bat, have you seen this topic?

Are you not making backups? The Synology has a nice system and Joplin Simple Backup is great. It's a plugin, but I keep hearing it is now part of Joplin basic, but don't see that. I know it is annoying to have someone tell you to shut the barn door after the horses left. However, just in case you do your high wire act without a crash mat, I thought I'd remind you it hurts less when you fall if you have a mat.

Hi, thanks for the helpful replies. I actually searched the Synology #recycle and there is nothing in there and I have the backup running in Joplin, set to default 24 hours etc but I have no idea how to restore a note that I don't know the name or ID of! In the backup folder there is a Joplin Backup folder with an all_notebooks.jex file but the modified date is today, so I presume it has also deleted the notes. I only spotted the notes were missing long after 24 hours, so I assume that will be no help. I have a manual backup made a few weeks ago that is full of MD files and .lock .sync etc folders, but again, no idea how I can restore unknown note(s) that were deleted and I can't revert to that version as I will lose weeks of other updates! Would appreciate any other suggestions and think my suggestion for the GSoC will be a cross-platform Recycle Bin!!