Rendering different between mobile and Desktop

The version you are using.

  • on iOS: 10.0.53
  • on the Mac: 1.0.245

The operating system you are using.

  • iOS 14.0
  • macOS 10.15.6

It seems that there is a different behaviour in rendering tables on the mobile version than in the desktop version.
I searched the forums a bit and found a similar issue guiding me that the "rendering" is responsible for this issue. But that topic was closed a long time ago, see here for more infos:

The thing I am witnessing is that tables will not be rendered correctly on the mobile version while being fine on the desktop.
This seems to happen only if you not use a title row.

Note to show the behaviour:

  • on mobile in normal view, not code view:

  • on desktop in both views:

Just want to let you know of this.
I could get by by with adding " ||||| " above each table, wich doesn't affect the tables on the desktop version but adds an empty line on the mobile version

The table that you've shown is not a valid markdown table and the correct behavior would be to not render it. However, Joplin supports a few plugins for extended markdown functionality. One of which is the multimd markdown table, it looks like you have enabled this plugin on the desktop but not on mobile. Simply enabling the plugin in the mobile settings will fix this for you.