Inconsistent display on Android vs. Desktop

I’d like to be able to use plaintext by default on my Android like I do on Desktop. Seems there’s no way to do so, hopefully I’m mistaken.

Any help to this end is appreciated. Thanks.

The problem with monospace fonts is that they take more space, which is not very convenient on mobile, so that’s why currently it’s using a regular font. If you format your table like a Markdown table though, the table should appear in mobile too:

Sweet, thanks! Now I have this:

…And the Android version even wraps cell contents that otherwise wouldn’t fit on-screen:

Hi, new Joplin user here.

Do you have plans to add a setting to toggle the font to monospace?

I still think this is necessary because creating/editing a markdown table on the mobile app is extremely frustrating with a non-monospace font.

There’s a PR open, but I doesn’t work on Android, only on iOS. Laurent hasn’t commented on it, otherwise the author of the PR would have looked into getting it to work on Android as well.