Removing the new folder icons in 2.9.11

EDIT: I actually did have a single custom folder icon and that is what was causing all the defaults to appear. See accepted solution below.

So, I hate to be the guy that asks about removing a new feature as soon as it comes out. But, here I am.

Now I am seeing a folder icon in front of all my folder names:

I really can't understand the point of them. If notes also appeared in this list then it would make more sense. I'm on a small screen and now I have that much less space with nothing gained. Am I missing something?

Is there an official way to disable these? Or do I just have to do it with custom css? (which I don't mind at all, I just don't want to hack it if there is an official way.)

BTW, I don't use custom icons for my folders. I just put an emoji into the name of the folder if I want something visual.

This doesn't look normal to me. I've just tested a clean installation of Joplin v2.9.11, and unless there're differences between different operating systems in this aspect, the application basically looks the same as before.

I tried removing all my custom css and they are still there.


Can you check what happens with the portable version? Please make sure to close your normal Joplin completely (including the tray icon) before doing so.

Not sure what you mean. Are you asking me to download and run the portable version and somehow link up my existing database? I don't have any experience with using the portable version.

No, the point is to run the portable version with a clean state. This will make it clear whether the problem affects only your current installation or not. Basically, just close Joplin completely first, then download the portable version and run it.


I now see what the problem is about. As stated in the changelog, if you already use at least one custom folder icon (or emoji), then all other folders will also have a generic icon displayed. If you don't use any icons however, then no folder icons will be displayed. I don't use custom icons myself, as they add additional padding, which leaves even less space for the text when using Joplin on smaller screens.

Ah, when all else fails, read the manual. Thanks!

And apologies to all. I did have a single custom folder icon a few levels down. I added it right when the feature came out and then abandoned it because of the padding issue you mentioned.

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