Record synchronized audio while annotating (similar to Onenote)?

Hello all,
I know this may be complicate to replicate, but this Onenote feature is really a killer feature for students and for business.
Scenario: in one note you can start record audio and then you can make annotations.
When you end to write notes and stop audio recording the audio will be synchonized with your note: i.e.: every text you wrote will display a play icon. If you click the play icon you will be able to listen to the audio starting the same time frame you wrote that specific annotation.
So, just imaging recording a school session taking few annotations (I usually specify only titles) and then, at home, you need to remember a specific portion of the lesson: just click the play icon near the annotated title and voilà! Cool!
Ia this a possible feature for Joplin?


hm, afaik in the EU you would need a consent by every person who speaks to legally use such a feature, therefore it is questionable if it could be added. As we know, MS does not care about EU legislation, but Joplin probably could not afford a legal suit about this...

That should be the responsibility of the user.

I like the idea a lot and wonder if it would be feasible through a plugin.

What I was thinking recently is somewhat related: import audio and automatically run some speech to text on it, so that it can be edited. So you could dictate stuff e.g. while driving, then import later. :slight_smile:


I could record myself, for example, to prepare a speech and next I will listen my audio and make annotation to improve the communication.

P.S. Huawei phones also had this feature. Really useful, IMHO.

@exic Google Keep has the ability to record audio and transcribe text. I use it sometimes in my phone.

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