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re: Joplin 2.11.11

I erased my hard drive and have been reinstalling apps, etc.

I'm trying to reconnect the Joplin app for Mac (Ventura 13.4.1) to my sync folder on Dropbox, but when I use the sync wizard to reconnect to DB, it just creates a new Joplin folder (i.e., "Joplin (1)").

How do I direct the Joplin application to the Joplin folder that was already on DB?

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The truth is, I can make sense of your first two sentence up to "dropbox", but from that moment you loose me.

  • what is it you call a sync wizzard
  • and if you erased your harddrive, how is Joplin supposed to find the folder "already on DB", and what does "on DB" mean anyway ?

Do me a favor and look into menu -> options -> sync -> "show advanced....
it may solve your problem on Mac.


DB stands for (D)rop(B)ox.

The sync wizard is... the Sync Wizard, in the Synchronization tab of Joplin's settings.

"Show Advanced" didn't have any options that provided a solution for me. The only one that seemed to apply was "Delete local data and re-download from sync target" and that didn't work because Joplin's id'ing the wrong sync target (the new "Joplin (1)" folder created on DB).

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