Recipe collecting and organizing

I'm curious as to whether any Joplin user has used it for working with kitchen recipes. I'm a home cook and I've been trying to find a "holy grail" for organizing, working with, editing and annotating recipes for a long time. After using Joplin for month or so, I'm starting to feel like this could be "the one".

If anyone is using Joplin for recipes, do you have any pointers for a Joplin newbie that are specific to working with recipes?


Not in any way an expert either on Joplin or collecting recipes, but I would think that the web clipping ability of Joplin might be very helpful, if you regularly visit internet recipe sites. That plus the tagging ability could be powerful (e.g. each ingredient as a separate tag). And if you use the Note Overview plugin, then I can see how you can quickly find recipes that have the particular ingredients you have on hand, or recipes that take under a certain amount of time.


I can confirm what skim1124 writes. The webclipper is very useful. I don't use tags that much as I find the search function sufficient for my user

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