Reading time of grabbed articles


on some website, we can see the amount of time the current article will take to be read, for example at the bottom of the page we can read "En cours (7mn)"

What do you think if we have that feature to joplin to tell us the amount of time for reading ?

it's just an idea :wink:

I'm quite surprised by this idea. Do you really use Joplin to read articles? Or what is your use case?

(Of course I'm not criticizing; it's just not something that would even occur to me :astonished:, since I use Joplin to store info, not as, I don't know, a replacement for Pocket.)

I use webclipper as a “read it later” feature, then I read them later in the train between the house and the office.
I like to have the technical articles about python without having to go on internet. I keep a lot of them.
Or even some funny blogs well written by real journlist

I see. Thanks.
I actually have no idea how good is Pocket’s handling of code snippets. Have you ever tried? (Or something similar?)
Did you just use Evernote for this before?

I used Evernote/Pocket/Wallabag :slight_smile:
source code is perfectly render with evernote, pocket I dont notice, wallabag it's special :slight_smile:

Oh, you use wallabag as well? :smiley:
I spent a few days getting it to run, then imported maybe 12 000 articles, but I'm not sure it's exactly what I wanted. :sweat: :sweat_smile:

i used
I stopped using all of them.

I made the python api for wallabag :slight_smile:

Sorry, I misread that.

I'm starting to suspect that maybe you like python. :smiley:


elementary my Dr Watson :smiley:

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I also like the idea to use joplin as a read it later service. For that it would be useful to get the estimated read-time