Export Pocket to Web Clipper

Pocket is a great app to save articles. Besides putting articles to read later, I also categorize the articles with tags in order to reference/ review them in the future. However, Pocket doesn't save the articles permanently unless you pay a huge amount annually. Meanwhile, Joplin's Web Clipper does a great job to convert web articles into markdown and save permanently. Thus I am thinking of migrating all my saved articles in Pocket to Joplin.

I know Pocket has API to retrieve all the articles' information I saved. Maybe the articles' url can be forwarded to the Web Clipper to clip the articles into Joplin :thinking:

I hope there will be a tool to do so.

If you’re capable of writing a tool, feel free to do such and post into #apps. This probably wouldn’t be added directly to Joplin but apps are always welcome. :smiley:

Let’s see if I have time

Any guideline of interacting with the Web Clipper? I’m not sure whether or not/how the Web Clipper can do the clipping by simply providing the url

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I’m not 100% sure if this is what you’re looking for, but there’s this and in the main GitHub, there’s the webclipper source code

There is one python and one perl API wrapper in the #apps category.


Are you sure? I still have articles I saved several years ago. (Need to find time to read them but that's another problem).

Also if you're looking for a free pocket alternative maybe you should check out wallabag.

you can export data from pocket then convert HTML to markdown then import to Joplin

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As long as the original site is still online and accessible then the articles are safe. Nowadays many website lock their articles into paywall, or the websites have already shut down so Pocket no longer have the access.

Wallabag seems able to save the articles forever. I may look into it as well.

This one only exports a list of titles and their url, excluding the content

at least you can get them and with the API, create notes in Joplin and grab the content of the URL page.
for example with python you can use this to do so:

  • joplin-api
  • beautyfulsoup 4
  • requests