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Joplin version 2.5.10 Linux

Hello, I was able to add a few pdf to Joplin and it is very easy.

But the PDF pages are too small for reading the characters.

The zoom feature does not really enlarge the characters.

I tried everything but could not find a full page option.

Any help?

A full screen option is currently not available. You can either open pdf's in your pdf viewer by clicking on it or hide the two Sidebars with F10 and F11 to make more space for the integrated pdf viewer (only works well if the Editor maximum width under Tools > Options > Appearance is set to 0).

Many thanks my friend.

Clicking on pdf opens nothing and the F10 f11 plus editor maximum width =0 does not improve the character size, even using zoom.

If this works for you, it should mean that my debian installation does not fully work and that the errors it mentions in terminal are not trivial

Do you zoom using Crtl + & Ctrl -? The pdf viewer has it's own + and - to zoom, then it should definitely change the character size in the pdf itself...

Edit: Your version is kind of outdated, please update to 2.8.8

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