Re-share a shared notebook from the sharing recipient account


I'm using Joplin 2.8.8 on OSX 11.6.7, with Joplin server installed on a Synology.

I've set up an admin account that shares notebooks to various users, including me as user (I figured it's good practice to not use the "admin" account as my everyday account, so I shared everything from it into my user account). All these users have the right to share notebooks in the Users admin panel of Joplin server. However, I'd like to "re-share" one of the notebooks shared by the admin account from my user account (to another user account), and that's not possible: there is no entry when I right-click on a shared notebook and the Notebook > Share notebook menu bar item is grayed out.

Is this the intended behavior? What can I do to be able to re-share one of the admin notebooks from my user acount?

Thank you!

To follow up on this, even if I log with the admin user (owner of the notebooks), I can't share a sub-notebook to another user, so that might be the source of the problem (although I still don't know if sharing recipients can re-share). See new thread here: Can't share sub-notebook in Joplin Server

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