Batch sharing of multiple notebooks to multiple users

This is a question related to Joplin server (running on a Synology NAS), and the sharing of notebooks between different accounts.

I have a big top-level notebook that contains things I want to be shared with members of my team. This top-level notebook contains around 50 sub-notebooks. Some users will have "all-access" to everything inside the top-level notebook, but in some cases, I want to be granular and only share selected sub-notebooks with certain users. For the "all access" users, I can't just share the top notebook, as this does not allow me to then selectively share sub-notebooks with other users (see the thread here: Can't share a sub-notebook (Joplin Server))

So I have to share each sub-notebook with every user in order to retain sharing granularity, including sharing all the sub-notebooks with all-access users. This involves sharing ~50 notebooks to ~10 users. It would be quite a pain (and prone to error/missed sharing) to do this manually via doing [right click on notebook, share, add user account email, click OK] 500 times.

Is there a way to "batch share" a list of notebooks to a particular user, or to a group of users? Could this be done via scripting (I'm under MacOS)?

All right not only is this not possible, but it's not even possible to share a sub-notebook - it prompts a "notebook must be at root" error and moves the sub-notebook to root level unpromptedly (way to mess my notebook hierarchy...)

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