Re-install on Windows 10 - not seeing previous notebooks

I just had cause to reset my Windows 10 machine. I have had Joplin running for a while and I also have it on my android phone. My notes are stored on my Nextcloud instance.

Anyway since re-installing Windows, I re-installed (1.0.195) Joplin and pointed it at the Nextcloud Webdav URL. It works but it doesn’t see my existing notebooks. I created a new notebook on my PC and I can sync notes in there. I can see them on my phone also. Also if I go into the Nextcloud web interface I can see all the files in the same directory.

How can I make my PC version see my existing notes?

I fixed it by touching all the files in the Joplin folder so the timestamps got updated. That caused Joplin to see them in the next sync and it loaded them and created the notebooks they belonged to.

I have the same problem but touching all files so they are new does not work for me. I keep getting errors. Such as: Missing required property: type_: id:

I have Joplin on my Phone and Tablet. I now also get syn problems on my tablet and phone. Does anyone have a solution before I lose all my notes?