Raj:GSOC-2020 Introduction

Hello everyone!
I’m Rajprakash ,currently a sophomore and pursuing my B.Tech in field of Computer Science from International Institute of Information Technology,Bhubaneswar.
I am into web development and open source stuffs from last 1 and a half years.I am eager to contribute to Joplin community for GSoC 2020 .The project idea "password protected notes " looked quite interesting to me and I want to work upon that idea.
I have already made a PR #2626.Please review it @PackElend

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Hi there,
time is moving forward and the deadline is closing in but we haven’t heard that much from you sinced your merged PR.
You are getting along with the code?
If you have any troubles don’t hesitate to ask around in the forum.

Don’t forget to watch/subscribe to the GSoC Live Blog to stay tuned.

good luck with GSoC

Hi @PackElend,
First of all I regret that I was not so active in the community these days.Actually in India we have a festival Holi for which I was busy with my family so couldn’t give much time to code.
Meanwhie I have thought something about "password protected notes " idea.I was thinking should I go for any more bug fixing and do PR or should I give time to formulate the idea and proposal.?

@rajprakash00, thanks for updating us. My roommate is from India and was just talking about having to miss that festival since there’s not a big enough community here and he had work. I’m glad you got to celebrate it.

On your questions, if you’ve submitted PRs that have already been accepted here (neither Pack and I are really a major part of that), if you have questions about the task in question that aren’t directly related to your final proposal, it’s preferred to ask them in their respective posts here so other students can get the same info. Once you have your proposal ready, you’ll need to get with both of us privately and we can go from there.

Many thanks! @bedwardly-down for understanding and I regret about your Indian roommate too for being not able to celebrate this festival.
Actually I will have to think more for properly implementable ideas,so I think I should dig more of ideas and will inform you privately as soon as I have a concrete structure of my proposal.


are your are going to fix more issues. Your PRs record is very slim what is currently not enough to assess you to ensure that your capable to work on such a complex feature.

Moreover, what are you going to update you PM as requested?

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Much apologies from my side. I’m finding some new issue on myself(not the ones already given ) and it’s taking me time for that,and the other thing is there’s always internet problem in my home in my city(my internet operator is down in a day for atleast half a day)
Still I’m trying to put PR ASAP.

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it is a pity may you contact @rullzer directly may he can tell you what he wants to see as he is the mentor for nextcloud but don’t expect a quick answer, he is busy with family

You can ask @laurent,@foxmask if you can fix something related to the API and web companion, respectively

focus on delivering a solid job, read the other PRs, closed and merged ones, that can happen offline. That will give you an idea of what we expect

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do you have any other references, other projects etc. besides Joplin, what can support you assessment?

FrontEnd of Advaita, a website for annual Techno Festival of IIIT
Bhubaneswar. Written in ReactJS with styles in SASS, integrated with
backend written in Django Rest Framework (Github link as : https://github.com/rajprakash00/advaita-2020)

Worked with APIs, Authentication Systems, state management with Redux and
delivered the production ready webapp as a freelancing project for a startup PLAYITUP
Link: https://gitlab.com/boxdox/playitup-react-redux

both have to go in your proposal plus the link to working results

ok :+1:

are we going to see any activity of you ?

I apologise @PackElend but I haven’t been able to solve an issue that I founded recently.I’m trying to understand your codebase to solve that so it’s taking much time and in the mean time our college has online classes going on due to outbreak so will be busy for some days.

@rajprakash00, have you checked out #development or #support posts that might be related to your issues? There’s many tidbits of random goodness there at least point you in the right direction.

No @bedwardly-down I searched all over and I found no related issues to it.Still I’m looking into it

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, feel to post a new topic in #development about it. There are quite a few people here who may not contribute much to the code but may still know how it works.

Actually I’m working on it ,but if I couldn’t then I’ll surely put it under #development or put it as an issue(for feature enhancement).

still there you have been quite silence recently

just curious, what year you are in?