[Feature Request] Password protect notes in app and web

Add lock feature in standalone and web app


  1. face ID on ios
  2. Fingerprint on android
  3. Pin or password on web and desktop app

Can also implement individual lock feature on each note
Rather than decrypting password it should require app password to unlock as well as decrypt notes

Kindly implement any of these method to create a secure and privacy rich experience for the user


I spent some time looking through a github discussion of this issue. I got the impression there is some resistance, for some reason, to the idea of password protecting the app in any way. Until I can hand my phone to someone to let them, say, look at my photos, and not worry that they might either accidentally or on purpose open up my note program and read my private notes, I will use a different program.

I got the impression from that github discussion that I am not alone in having this concern. Why not address it?

See here for more info: Requesting encryption of local Joplin data (at rest encryption)