How to protect some notes or notepads with password or PIN?

I'd like to protect some notes (notepads). Also autolock after some minutes would be nice. Is it possible?
Joplin 1.5.11 (prod, linux)

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I am not a dev, just a user, so I have no say in what does or does not get implemented. However features such as PINs, passwords and local encryption have been raised many times both here and on GitHub. The below are just two examples:

There's also a mention in the FAQ

In summary, at this time Joplin does not offer any local encryption features as it is far more effective to use encryption at the OS level to secure all data on the device.

Even so @laurent, the project maintainer, has previously stated that he would still consider a pull-request should someone come up with a suitable implementation. It's just not on Joplin's "roadmap".

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Agree with all you said, including the visible roadmap. But two comments apply: 1) I think the OP would already be quite happy with a PIN protection of the desktop application rather than a complete encryption of the DB. And this idea I would support as a valid, rather simple feature request. 2) The statement "it is far more effective to use encryption at the OS level" is only true with qualifications. You can encrypt the whole SSD or HDD, that's overkill. You could encrypt a partition or a folder, but it wouldn't help much in the case described, because Laurent proposes to keep Joplin running in the background all the time. So whoever has access to the system (on purpose I assume), is still able to see all the notes.

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