200 MB Joplin Cloud Pro Limit but 100 MB on Mobile (Android)

Minor problem here, extremely happy with Joplin Cloud

I am starting to publish notes with attachments to share and came across this problem:
I can put items of up to 200 MB on Cloud but these wont sync with the Mobile app on my Android phone (up to 100 MB)

Does this just mean I am restricted to 100 MB on cloud if I use mobile app?

It appears to be items not notes as I can have three 200 MB pdfs in a note and it syncs on desktop ok.

That's a good point. You can still have these 200 MB items on desktop and they will sync to Joplin Cloud just fine, however it's true they won't be downloaded to the mobile app. It's a limitation of that app because very large attachments used to make it crash

We've talked about increasing or removing this limit but haven't done so yet.

Thanks @laurent
Is it still a plan?

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