Publish notes to the internet

Can someone explains on the basic plan - " Publish notes to the internet"?

a. is any user is able to view/search if published on the web?
b. any demo to explore?
c. can we publish as read only ?


try @mami/cli

rxliuli can you please share me few more details which would satisfy my need? links and steps to achieve it

Well, it doesn't have a getting started guide for non-technical users (mainly needing to use the command line and nodejs), but maybe I can write one later, roughly step by step

  1. Install nodejs@18 lts
  2. Download a specific folder under the demos directory, for example mami/demos/joplin2hexo-demo at master · rxliuli/mami · GitHub
  3. Then modify the baseUrl/token/tag configuration in the mimi.config.ts file
  4. npm i install dependencies
  5. npm run gen generates files from joplin
  6. npm run dev to preview the generated website locally
  7. npm run build to build static resources
  8. Publish to remote, such as github pages or cloudflare pages
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