Promnesia multi search tool: Making note search more accessible / Best practice?

I'm using the excellent Promnesia
to search all my information sources at the same time.

How can I best add Joplin into this search tool? It supports markdown but my Joplin notes are encrypted because I store them in the cloud at the moment.


Don't know about the solution to this, but just want to give out a huge thanks for mentioning Promnesia. I didn't know such a thing even existed, and now I'm diving into the rabbit hole!


I think it can just query Jolplin's sqlite database directly.
Promnesia's backend is written in Python so working with sqlite is trivial.

As an extra bonus, it should be possible to parse and index resources and query them too.

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Hi !

It would be great if I could incorporate Joplin into my promnesia!

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Actually I'm not sure how useful would that be without being able to link to individual notes from outside Joplin.

The first advantage is to know that you have a note in Joplin that contains the URL of a site you are visiting. Of course, it would be ideal to be able to "jump" from Promnesia to the Joplin note, but it is already very useful to know that you have already visited this site and written a note.

Seems Promnesia is a bit of a one-man project at the moment so I'm just exporting my notes unencrypted as Markdown to a directory and using AUTO to index the notes.

I now have highlights in webpages link to my notes in joplin.

I have to remember if I want to edit, to find the note in Jopline separately though as I'm not smart enough to program an integration.

As an aside, I also paste links from Hookproductivity into text but this is only on Mac so it's usefulness is limited.

Not quite. There is now a small group of enthusiasts behind it.

Could you explain a bit more how you go about exporting?

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Could someone pls explain what would you like to see here? I can see there's markdown indexer that only extracts links from markdown. Is it the same but for Joplin?

Hi @roman_r_m

Yes, I can understand that it is not always very clear. Promnesia allows to visualize in the browser links already contained in markdown or org sources (org-mode). Hence the extractor. These sources are generated in different ways thanks to HPI and Orger. In the case of Joplin, it would be enough to have an orger module allowing to extract from the database a bit like the orger module of the polar annotation software.
In any case, that's how I see it.

Orger seems to be a different app than Promnesia?
Anyway, I think I have an idea of what to do here.

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