Problems with mult-line title

Found some strange / inconsistent behavoir. Did I do anything wrong / miss any setting?

On the android app I can post a full note into the title. Does not make sense, it just happened to me when copy/pasting a long text. The result is, that the full note appears in the list of notes.

Also in the .md file, the full note appears in the “title_diff:” line.

However, the windows app makes a different interpretation of the data. It only shows the first line as “title”, and the rest as “body”. And when I edit the note on the PC, afterwards the content is moved from “title” to “body”. This is very strange and inconsistent.

I think all apps should behave the same. The android app should only allow one line for the title, as the windows app is already doing. And even better: When creating a new note and pasting a multi-line text into the title, move everything after the first line to the body.

What do you think? Did I misunderstand anything?