Probelm new encryption


I downloaded the latest version 1.0.195 and upgraded my master key. the re-encrypted everything and synced it to nextcloud.

Today I resynced everything on another device but I still get the message “The default encryption method has been changed, you should re-encrypt your data”.

How to proceed?


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If you have completed the conversion using one client, in subsequent clients follow the yellow re-encrypt message and click “Ignore” in the conversion options.

I encountered the same situation and only found this topic when I was ready to enter a new support item myself. To me it would have helped enormously if the instructions stated clearly, immediately after the sentence indicating “you only have to do this on one machine” if the instructions stated
“after the re-encryption is complete, please click ignore on all other machines when notified that new encryption has been invoked” (or some other better sentence)

Although my reply sounds a bit authoritative I couldn’t work out how to get the message to clear either and ended up pressing the button and hoping for the best. When nothing broke and remained “unbroken” I thought it safe to offer as an answer.

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totally agree to philrasch: If you force people to change everything, be aware of crystal clear instructions

Thank you for your reply. I had re-encrypted, and after syncing that synced 2 other PC’s. I was not really sure why I was still getting the message to re-encrypt.