Print option on iOS

iOS version - 13.2.3
Joplin version - 10.0.40

Could you consider adding a print option to the iOS app? Currently the print option doesn’t show up in the share sheet.

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I concur. This would be helpful.

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Very important. This would prevent me from going back to Apple notes or others

Ditto. I still have to use Apple notes for 2 things. Printing and occasionally I retain formatting from something I’ve copied.

Printing is by far a higher priority. Right now, it means I have to keep my recipes in notes so I can print copies for people.

It would be a really nice (belated) Christmas present. :wink:

Thanks & Happy New Year!

think about it ... just in general ... why should any developer of any software care about which app you choose or quit ?
Isn't it so much nicer to say, "I would like this and that feature" ?

I'd like to formally +1 this feature request. I have all of my recipes stored as notes and hate to cook with my phone open – constantly gets dirty, goes to sleep on me between steps, etc. Being able to quickly send a recipe to the printer and use that while cooking has always been a godsend.

Would love to see this feature added to the iOS app.

New to Joplin as a few days ago and wickedly impressed with how feature-rich it is as an alternative to Evernote. Let me me know if there's a better way to request features.