Print: Header & Footer

When printing a note, one (or more) headers and footers should be printed.
Header and footer elements should be configurable.
Contents are e.g:

  • Page number (possibly including total number of pages)
  • Date/time of creation
  • Date/time of last editing
  • Notebook (with hierarchy breadcrumb)
  • Source link
  • Tags


Proposal for implementation:
Two markdown texts with placeholders for the content to be inserted can be defined in the configuration.

One text is appended at the beginning (header) and the other at the end (footer) when printing, after the placeholders have been replaced by the respective contents.
This allows the user to customize the content for header and footer.

However, the page number must be inserted directly into the page.

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This is a necessary feature. Using notes as sources for other work often requires printed copies to be at hand. A note printed without meta-data such as that suggested by @ o10383356 is pain because it has to be manually added ...