Footnotes in render pdf footer

Hi guys,

I'm sorry if this is already requested, but I did not find it was.

I'm just loving the app, and I had recent demand to have footnotes concentered at the end of the pdf page they are cited. I already use the inline footnotes with text^[inline footnote]. The notes are automatically numbered, which is perfect, but they are all displayed at the end of the pdf rendered document. I would need them to still be numbered in order of the document, but each page having its respective footnotes. It is possible to make this? I'm not so expert in programming, so please explain things using the "for dummies" language. Bellow, I presented one example:

So if the image shows page 1, with footnotes 1 and 2. Let's suppose I used footnote 3 on page 2, at the end of page 2 will be presented footnote 3 only and so on.

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