Adding Header and Footer possibility for PDF export

Is it possible to add a header and footer to a note, which then appears on the exported PDF?
I also tried already the CSS code in this post here.

The situation:

I added the following CSS code to a note:

  <img src=":/ac38ca0d13b947a69cf61fe35bcd3271">

The banner does also appear, but around it, I have a big margin. I can work around this with the following CSS code, but this has some unwanted quirks:

@page {
  margin: 0%;

But then everything has no margin like text or also tables.

I want to have a header file, respectively a picture at top and then like normal my text, tables whatever. Is there any possibility to achieve this?

Or can I call to a possible feature request to implement such feature, of course only if it's really possible.