Pre-release v2.13 is now available (Updated 15/01/2024)


  • Fixed: Fixed images not being visible on encrypted published notes (b459ba7)

It seems that copying and pasting links isn't working in the Rich Text editor anymore. To be more specific, if you copy a link that in Markdown is encoded as follows:

[Pre-release v2.13 is now available (Updated 03/12/2023)](

and then paste it somewhere else, only the text is actually copied:

Pre-release v2.13 is now available (Updated 03/12/2023)

with the URL itself being completely lost.

This happens both when using Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V and the context menu. The only way to actually copy links seems to be doing it in the Markdown mode.

It's always been like this - you need to copy some text before and after the link to copy the full markup. Otherwise the selection is on the "text" part of the link only, so that's what you get when you paste.

You're right! Sorry for the noise then. I'm not sure why I believed that it had worked before. I've now managed to hack around the problem by selecting the link first, then pressing the right arrow key on the keyboard, and only then copying the selection. Even if there's nothing after the link, this method still makes Joplin copy the full underlying link code.


  • Fixed: Fix KaTeX rendering (#9456) (#9455 by Henry Heino)
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  • Improved: Remove unnecessary warning when importing ENEX file (495f088)
  • Fixed: Fix nested tables not preserved in rich text editor (#9579) (#9543 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fixed importing invalid tables from ENEX files (d264bdd)


  • Fixed: Import ENEX archives that contain files with invalid names (#9548)
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  • Fixed: Fix importing certain ENEX notes that include invalid tables (229b9a5)
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  • Fixed: Fix HTML resource links lost when editing notes in the rich text editor (Backport #9435) (#9647) (#9304 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Fix rich text editor deletes HTML links to notes (#9624) (#9613 by Henry Heino)
  • Fixed: Ubuntu: Fix window sometimes doesn't appear on startup (Backport #9561) (#9612) (#9045 by Henry Heino)


  • Fixed: Shared notebook can get corrupted if contributor changes its title (#9709)
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  • Fixed: Fixes existing attachments not being shared in some cases with Joplin Server (c412b1f)
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