Pre-release v2.10 is now available (Updated 3 April)

Let me guess - you're using file system sync?

I sync with OneDrive.

Ah, ok. It's just that there were reports that the filesystem sync blocks the UI. This must be something else then.

v2.10.6 is now available:

  • New: Add 'Paste as text' to the Context menu of the Rich Text Editor (#7769 by @pedr)
  • New: Add a menu option to reset the application layout (#7786 by @pedr)
  • Improved: Allow 'Paste as Text' on the Rich Text Editor (#7751 by @pedr)
  • Improved: Disable custom PDF viewer by default (#7506)
  • Improved: Fix copy text with no selection (#7641) (#7602 by Betty Alagwu)
  • Improved: Improve dialogue spacing in Fountain renderer (#7628) (#7627 by @Elleo)
  • Improved: New design for "New note" and "New todo" buttons (#7780 by @julien)
  • Improved: Remove auto-matching for greater than character (#7669 by Self Not Found)
  • Improved: Show installed plugins in Help - About Joplin (#7711) (#6143 by @julien)
  • Fixed: App freezes and displays fatal error when text provided in the search bar is too long (#7764) (#7634 by @pedr)
  • Fixed: Certain plugins could create invalid settings, which could result in a crash (#7621)
  • Fixed: Clicking on Save saves changes when updating a link (#7753) (#7658 by @julien)
  • Fixed: Ctrl-X behaviour when no text is selected (#7778) (#7662 by @melsonic)
  • Fixed: Custom sort order not synchronized (#7729) (#6956 by Tao Klerks)
  • Fixed: Fix highlighting in GotoAnything dialogue (#7592 by @andy1631)
  • Fixed: Fix open files with non-ASCII characters in path (#7679) (#7678 by Self Not Found)
  • Fixed: Fix text editor text highlighting when used with special IME methods (#7630) (#7565 by @light)
  • Fixed: Markdown editor not surrounding highlighted text with backticks (#7697) (#7694 by Helmut K. C. Tessarek)
  • Fixed: Mermaid images are incorrectly sized when exported as PNG (#7546) (#7521 by Adarsh Singh)
  • Fixed: Note editor scrolls back to top when editing certain notes (#7617)


  • New: Add a link to twitter inside the help menu (#7796 by @pedr)
  • Improved: Added "Move Line Up" and "Move Line Down" shortcuts (#7755) (#7692 by @Polaris66)
  • Improved: Stop synchronization with unsupported WebDAV providers (#7819) (#7661 by @julien)
  • Fixed: Make note sort update logic use correct prior sort and drop-grouping (#7737) (#7731 by Tao Klerks)
  • Fixed: Markdown + Front Matter export fails when tag(s) lost (#7820) (#7782 by @pedr)
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Judging by the screens in the issue, the 'New design for "New note" and "New todo" buttons' seem to have been added into a new line under the search bar.
Vertical space is precious to me, so this is worse than before; is there an option to keep them in the same line?



  • Improved: Always show new note buttons (Regression) (#7850 by @julien)
  • Improved: Made note list controls responsive (#7884) (#7848 by @julien)
  • Improved: Paste as Text only working on hotkeys on Windows (#7886) (#7880 by @pedr)
  • Fixed: Drag-dropping notes to top or bottom, in custom sort, is finicky (#7777) (#7776 by Tao Klerks)
  • Fixed: Linux notebook display bug (#7897) (#7506 by Arun Kumar)
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Unfortunately there is still an issue with the search field losing focus.

I use the shortcut or the mouse to get focus on the search field. I want to enter test, but type the letters rather slowly. After the second letter, Joplin returns result(s) and the focus is no longer in the search field.
Typing the search term slowly is used to reproduce this phenomenon consistently, but when exactly it happens (at which letter) is rather random.


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I can't seem to reproduce this bug (2.10.9 dev Linux).


To be sure, did this bug appear after the redesign of the new buttons?

Screenshot 2023-03-13 142158

I just tried on my Linux dev VM. You are correct, this seems only be happening on macOS.

Although I noticed a difference in behavior between 2.9 and 2.10. In 2.9 the field is expanded as soon as the focus is in the search field. In 2.10 the field only expands when you start typing. But this is probably another issue, or even wanted. I liked the behavior in 2.9 better.

Back to the other issue: I am not entirely sure how to debug this. I am really bad when it comes to GUI and css and all that frontend stuff. But at least we were able to narrow it down to macOS. I don't have Windows, so I can't test it there.

Either way, this is extremly annoying and I will try to update nodejs and try a few other things. Let's see if that helps.

However, I have seen this in 2.9 as well, although it doesn't happen that often, which is why I never noticed it and just jugged it up to me brushing over the touchpad by accident. But I guess that was not it. :wink:

P.S.: Heading to bed, so I won't be replying right away...

I can replicate on my machine so I'll see if I can fix it. How about the filter button that disappears after typing? Is it a new behaviour? Because indeed it would be better if it disappears as soon as the field gets focus

It's fixed here now, but it wasn't a regression:

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Thanks, Laurent. I can confirm this fixed the issue.

It's just weird that I haven't noticed this behavior as prominently in earier releases of Joplin. I'm also fairly certain that I didn't see it in 2.8 at all, but I might be wrong.

Once again, thanks for the fix. Now I only have to get rid of those buttons in my CSS. :wink:

Yes I'm not sure why the bug shows up now, since it was in rather old code. Or maybe it was always there and we didn't really pay attention since it was subtle and not so easy to replicate


  • Fixed: Fix issue where search bar can randomly lose focus while searching (bd42914)
  • Fixed: Fixed height when controls are on a single row (#7912) (#7907 by @julien)

I just noticed something else. I can't recall the specs, but the About window shows all installed plugins.

But IMO it should only show all enabled plugins. Furthermore are they in a random order?

Yes that's true, @julien-me it should indeed only show the enabled plugins and they should be sorted in alphabetical order

I created issue #7920 and pull request #7923 to fix it.

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  • Fixed: Fixes text wrap on new buttons (#7938 by @julien)
  • Fixed: List enabled plugins only in About Joplin and in alphabetical order (#7923) (#7920 by @julien)