Pre-release 1.2 is available for testing

I just came to the forum to congratulate on the improvements I saw in v1.1.4. But this looks even more exciting! Wow! Congrats and thanks for putting this together! :nerd_face:

but I'm not certain we should put too many buttons at the bottom. It means you'd have to look up and down depending on what action you want to do, while if it's all in the same place it's easier to scan

I totally agree, and that's why I suggested returning the tags to the top just under the tool bar. It's really annoying having to look down to check the tags.

Version 1.2.3 is now available with the following changes:

  • Improved: Adjust the codemirror code block colors for the dark theme (#3794 by Caleb John)
  • Improved: Always label "Click to add tags"
  • Improved: Disable fuzzy search for now due to performance issues
  • Improved: Extend functionality of codemirror vim (#3823 by Caleb John)
  • Improved: Improved rendering of All Notes item in sidebar
  • Improved: Keep search fuzzy scores between 0 and 2 (#3812 by Naveen M V)
  • Improved: Make global search field wider when it has focus
  • Improved: Optimised sidebar rendering speed
  • Fixed: Fade out checked items in Rich Text editor too
  • Fixed: Fix issue with highlighted search terms in CodeMirror viewer
  • Fixed: Fixed editor font size (#3801)
  • Fixed: Only disable relevant toolbar buttons when editor is read-only (#3810)
  • Fixed: Prevent crash in rare case when opening the config screen (#3835)
  • Fixed: Refresh search results when searching by tag and when a tag is changed (#3754)

And this known bug: Sidebar notebook toggle button doesn't work anymore (already fixed so will be in next release)


Here you go:

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Joplin 1.2.3 (prod, win32)
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: Yes
Revision: 485921d8 (master)

Windows 10 x64 (VM)

Notebook Right-Click Menu

There no longer appears to be a right-click menu for Notebooks so you cannot delete or rename them. Tested using portable & desktop version. Unlike this post rollups and creating new notebooks works.

CSS classes

Does the build process with the new themeing now generate new css class names for each build? I created some css for the Notebook pane in 1.2.2. For these the class names controlling font sizes, weights, colours were "random" characters like:

 .cZINEN {
	/* sidebar - category names - "NOTEBOOKS" "TAGS" */
	 font-weight: normal !important;
 .bHxPg {
	/* sidebar - notebook names */
	 font-size: 12px !important;
	 font-weight: normal !important;

However in 1.2.3 these classes are now .kKWvii and .eFNraI respectively (at least for me they are). "Traditional" selectors like div.tag-list span remain unaffected.

Indeed, I see it now. That must be due to the sidebar rendering optimisation, I'll look into it.

Yes don't rely on these random names as they are generated by the styling library. For now, you can use the non-random classes or selectors like div p span {} etc to get to the element you need to target.

v.1.2.3 - Changes to ALL NOTES

Since 1.2.2 "All Notes" has been a sub-folder of NOTEBOOKS but with 1.2.3 it now has its own icon. It was seeing that that made me wonder if it would be better if "All Notes" was again "promoted" to a first level sidebar entry (like in 1.1.4) so the sidebar categories would again be:


Yes, "All Notes" is a virtual notebook but should it roll-up with the other Notebooks? Then if you want "All Notes" you don't have to open Notebooks first.

Not exactly a vital consideration but until now only first level entries had icons and it kind of looks a bit awkward as it is (IMHO).


I'm not sure what to do with this All Notes entry actually and I think the styling proposed by
@uxamanda worked well.

Ideally the sidebar should only have two entries: Notebooks and Tags. The All Notes filter was initially on top, but it has to move anyway because otherwise it's the "+" button that will look out of place. A "+" button next to "All notes" should mean "create a new note", while in this case it means "create a new notebook".

So it's a bit tricky and I'm open to suggestions, but for now it seems it's not too bad where this All Notes entry is.

A new version is available with a fix for the sidebar issues:

Hey @laurent and other devs!

Love the direction of the UI changes! I was about to write about so much strange UX decisions but you fixed most of them.
Here are my comments on the remaining:

  • tags should appear near title (top of screen)
  • tags should be added/removed without a popup
  • formatting toolbar should belong to the editable view (when we have split view, it should not be above preview window, and if I am in preview mode, I should not see the editing toolbar at all!)
  • back and forward buttons (and also the open in external editor button) should not be part of the note formatting toolbar
  • toggle note list and toggle sidebar should be accessible from toolbar (near to the back and forward buttons)
  • focusing sidebar / note list should display them temporarily if they are hidden
  • Pressing search (F6) should make search input visible
  • blue button showing the folder of note should be permanent (but should not take up vertical space
  • How do you create a new top-level notebook vs how do you create a subnotebook? Very differently. Please unify it.

Any comments or counter-arguments for these comments?

I kinda like them at the bottom.

I see it as a toolbar, and not necessarily a "formatting" toolbar. If there were 20 more formatting buttons, maybe, but I don't get a sense of confusion here. Maybe to the left of the title would make more sense. But it isn't as "clean".

Toggling the sidebars. At first I was like, "where the heck are the sidebar toggles?" but then . . . dunno, after using the function keys a few time I think I kinda like it better this way. Neophytes can leave the sidebars open if they want or go to the menus the few times they close things, but . . . I am now more or less of the opinion that they don't deserve their own buttons.

A "focus" toggle button might be nice though. Like a full screen, blank everything except the editor, button. I.e., There may be toggles that are missing, but toggles for the sidebar menus I am beginning to think are not one of them.

Yeah, this is still quirky.


BUG: (maybe a bug?) When I duplicate a tagged note, the new note does not duplicate the tags.
IMPROVEMENT REQUEST: The three ... dots for a horizontal rule looks like a "more" icon. Can it be three --- dashes instead? Or perhaps an em-dash , 2-em-dash , or even a 3-em-dash ?

Is it intended that after clicking on "all notes", the selection is in the middle of alle notes and you have to scrole to the top?

Another problem is that the scroll bar (In the note and notebook section) selection area is so narrow that it is extremely difficult to scrolle because resize is always selected earlier and you have to aim extrem exactly to the edge of the scroll bar.


Ok to refine that statement: as titles (and folders) are for the sake of organization, labels and titles (and folder markers during search) should be near each other. If you like the tags at the bottom, then you should also like the folders and even the title at the bottom.

There are quite a few formatting buttons. There is no visual separation between them.

But you knew there should be a sidebar. A rookie who just installed Joplin won't know.

Totally agree, the three dots is confusing


Nope. I like them at the bottom. The title at the top. And I like the current setup for search and goto anything. I prefer the tags unobtrusively on the bottom. They are organizational metadata. Notebook/Subnotebook location is hidden away utterly, which I don't care for. This is something that may be valuable adding to the bottom as well, but I can also understand the argument to hide that information if the emphasis is on tagging for organization and you already have the notebook/subnotebook location via the sidebars. Both should be in the Note Properties dialogue, I think.

Formatting buttons

There is a separation between the formatting buttons (there really are only two: Bold and Italic) from everything else. And then there are the link, code, and attachment buttons grouped together and then the structural buttons (lists, headers, line). The insert date/time is really the oddball in that mix.


I think a rookie would open Joplin for the first time and see the sidebars there. At least I think they are there the first time you install Joplin.

What is really needed are two expand/contract auto-hiding arrow tabs like so many other applications use. You know, centered vertically along the left-edge of the edit/view window. That would be an improvement. How they appear would require some thought considering there are two sidebars—i.e., what's the behavior when 1, 2, or no sidebars are open.

I thought the same thing, did that with css. But then i changed and put a :hover effect, i thought was fitter to it.

I have found that the position within the Notelist when clicking on "All Notes" seems to be related to the last note you were looking at / the one in the viewer pane. If no notes were being viewed (ie an empty Notebook) "All Notes" starts at the top. Is that not happening for you?

Bug / Problem report: Joplin 1.2.4 (and earlier), Mac OS 10.14.6
In experimental WYSIWYG editor:

  • Enter adds a double new-line ('\n\n').
  • Shift-enter adds two blank spaces at the end of the added line (' \n'). And when saving a file, it re-adds two blank spaces to the end of every line that doesn't follow with a blank line.
  • Multiple blank new-lines are removed on save when in the WYSIWYG editor (but not in code editor). E.g. "\n\n\n\n\n\n\n" becomes "\n\n".

Ah tnx, I didn't notice that he jumps to the last selected note. I always thought he had to start at the beginning.

I dont care if tags are top or bottom (ideally can be very easily changed in CSS if we get the classes right), but I do think that all the navigation should be on the same row: back / forward, in notebook, tags. (i.e. joplin-new-theme-sandbox/dark-mode-overrides.png at master · amandamcg/joplin-new-theme-sandbox · GitHub, sorry to keep linking that :slight_smile: ) I'd remove the "In:" from that mockup and simply link the notebook name.

This would make it easier to hide the formatting bar in preview-only mode.

I agree that the notebook sidebars on/off don't need explicit buttons because a beginner can use the app well even if they never turn them off, but I would like a keyboard shortcut for fullscreen markdown/WYSIWYG only "focus" mode, I know one old mockup had a fullscreen icon which was nice.

Agree that the '•••' icon looks like 'more' --> "––" would be nicer

All notes --> "All Notes" (caps) and be white not grey, looks disabled

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