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What issue do you have?

What is latest postgres version supported?

I don't know what the very latest version of Postgres is but my Joplin server has been running for a while now on 16.1 which I believe is reasonably current.

Just for the heck of I just upgraded my Joplin Server db to Postgres 16.2 (current stable). Nothing bad has happened!

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Just to be clear in case you are already running a Joplin Server. I have never had an issue with a Postgres point release upgrade.

Version upgrades are a different matter, that takes work.

I have PGSQL as the database version for Joplin-Server. I'm not updating unless Joplin, for some reason, requires a 16+ upgrade.

I don't think there's a huge pain-in-the-ass upgrade you have to do for total server upgrades. However, I know that Matrix-Synapse, for example, will eventually require admins (me) to do major (15 -> 16) upgrades. I hate migrating, so much.

I have PGSQL 15 in my docker-compose.yml.

Is postgres faster than sqlite when you have 4000+ notes? I googled it and it said in general postgres is slower because it's a managed relational database and manging all those objects adds an overhead but what is the practice?

In fact Joplin 2.14.2 server requires PGSQL 16 - look at my experience Experience and upgrade hints for Server upgrade to 2.14.2-beta