Version 3 for flatpak?

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What issue do you have?

I updated on a windows device only to find out that there is no update for flatpak yet to use version 3 and I am out of sync now. Is there a way to find out when this will drop? Many thanks for any guidance

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@danktankk welcome to the forum.

This recent post explains that the Flatpak version is not maintained and published by Joplin (as shown here under Unofficial alternative Joplin distributions). Joplin publishes an official AppImage.

This issue on the Flatpak maintainers GitHub repo gives details on how to install the 3.0.12 Flatpak test build.

I have not tried it as i use the AppImage.

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Many thanks. i didnt know that it was not maintained by Joplin. I will address this elsewhere.

I ended up dumping flathub and just used appimage instead. works fine

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