In certain cases, search does not work

Joplin for Desktop Joplin 2.3.5 (prod, darwin)

When specifying notebook search, the use of double quotation marks causes the entered search term to not work

Search Example

notebook:"joplin server" abcdefg

  • ABCDEFG is entered randomly to check whether the search results are correct
  • Normally, there should be no search results, but the notes are still found. Please help verify this problem. Thank you

截屏2021-09-08 23.01.35

Can you try

notebook:"joplin server" & abcdefg


@bepolymathe & is no and operator in Joplin, in Joplin this is any:1

@s4j4 I can reproduce the problem, but for bugs please create a github issue!
I have createt this one for you, because I try to fix the problem.

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Yes, you are right. Simply if I use & I get the same behavior :thinking:

Your method is effective, although it is not the official search syntax. Thank you

Thank you for your help in submitting the problem on GitHub. I hope it can be solved. It is difficult for Chinese users to access GitHub. Many times, the page cannot be accessed. In addition, I can't speak English, so I can only ask simple questions on the forum

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