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Plugin: Note Link System


Okay, I understand better how to use it. I think with dozens of notes to exclude it might be tricky in the long run. But I'll give it a try.

Yes you are right, it is not directly related. With the multiplication of plugins we start to have a large number of panels. I just find it interesting to group features in the same panel. It's easier to make visible/non-visible. And then I read that you plan to allow to see internal links to the current note... what a table of contents is. But I understand that you imagine another use.

Yes, it would be enough to play on the appearance.

Another use I thought of would be to display the bibliographic references linked to a note. The bibtex plugin allows you to work with a .bib file to insert references in a text written with Joplin. I think Obsidian allows something like that.

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This plugin doesn't aim for academic usage. Anyway, if you see any interesting features about note linking in other note app, it would be appreciated to introduce them to me

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I love this system already! This has replaced the intended plugins with additional functionality. Thank you so much!

It is clear.

On the side of the other applications that I could use or test I saw interesting things:

  • the possibility to display the notes linked by a tag on demand by clicking on the tag below the title.
  • in addition to the headers, the possibility to link to a text or code block.
  • the "Unlinked mentions" section --» you can see where the name of the note gets mentioned, but not explicitly linked (in other words, mentioned without the square brackets).

That's what comes to mind but I'm thinking about it a bit more...

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Very nice, thanks for your work! For me this finally makes it possible to build my own note-orders on note-level and therefore helps to use Joplin as a Zettelkasten. (What would make a good zettelkasten plugin?) Especially the "Deep-Backlinks" with the highlighting after the jump into the link-source is very usefull.

Only downside for me so far: quicklink doesn't work with spaces in between the query, as the original quicklink plugin does. Also i can't get the original quicklink plugin to work again, although i disabled the feature in the new plugin.

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upgrade to 0.0.4. These two problems have been solved.


Thanks for the quick update! While using the plugin, i started to dream, that these features would be great too:

  • Quicklink feature for creating new note/task should stay visible, although when it found corresponding notes.
  • Quicklink should integrate results not only from title-search. Maybe this is beyond the scope, but something like the results from Ctrl-P "Go To" would be handy, to quickly discover link-possibilities.

One question: should new note/task be placed on the top or bottom of list? Both choice has its own inconvenience for users, so I decided not to make new item visible always.

You can set this config item. Just leave it as $keyword, for your case.

For me it should be at the bottom so as not to disturb the creation of quick links to an existing note.

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Hi @ylc395

I'm trying to exclude notes/todo with a certain tag from the "backlinks" results but it doesn't seem to work.


Am I missing something?

@bepolymathe try :/$noteId` -tag:"xxxx" or $noteId -tag:"xxxxx". It seems to do with "" or something.

Ok, thanks. It works with it.

Hi @ylc395

Me again. After using it intensively for a few days, I would find it very useful to have options to display other contextual information. It would bring a real "plus" compared to the backlink plugin that existed until now. For example:

  • the date of creation of the note/todo
  • tags
  • the notebook where it belongs

Maybe it could appear on a mouse over :thinking: Or simply under the title ?

On the other hand you don't want to scroll down to the bottom of a long list of search results to find it (eg with extended search parameters in the settings). Maybe it could stay visible on the first look somehow...

No, but one could imagine that clicking on the tag would allow to filter the results (for ex.). Or just in a tooltip.

@ylc395 I'm noticing a visibility issue with the quick copy in the preview pane using the dark theme:

Light theme for comparison:

Also, thanks for making this plugin! It combines some of the most useful plugins to me and adds some great additional functionality.

Thank you for this plugin! The enhancements for backlinks/referrers and quick links are really nice. Looking forward to future versions (especially Outlinks).

new feature in 0.1.0: Hover to preview!

Hover time before previewing can be set in setting panel.


The plugin puts joplin in beast mode!