Plugin idea : Taskwarrior


I have been using a wonderful task management application for many years: taskwarrior. What a joy if there could be a deeper integration with Joplin :thinking:


Since Joplin's ToDo capabilities are rather limited i find this really interesting.
Could you elaborate on how you would want Taskwarrior data to be represented in Joplin notes ?
One idea i came up with is to allow Taskwarrior to put a summary of due ToDo items in a Joplin note. Maby through the webclipper service or the hotfolder plugin.

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Yes, it could be a minimal option to be able to view reports and task lists. One could also imagine a script that allows to detect a line in a joplin note as sending a command to Taskwarrior.

task add "a task" sch:+1d due:+4d pro:project_name +home