Plugin: Font Size Shortcut

Font Size Shortcut


This plugin adds shortcuts to increase/decrease Editor (markdown only) Font size

Default shortcuts

Name Default Shortcut
Increase Editor Font Size CmdOrCtrl+Shift+]
Decrease Editor Font Size CmdOrCtrl+Shift+[

These shortcuts can be modified from Keyboard Shortcuts section.


From plugins settings, you have option to keep font size for current session only. So if you selected 'current session only' option, then changes made to your font size won't be saved.

Change Factor

You can also alter the 'Change Factor' from the plugin's setting, which will decide by how much factor the font size will change.

After installing this plugin, 2 menu items will be added to Tools

  1. Increase Editor Font Size
  2. Decrease Editor Font Size

There will Also be 2 buttons added in toolbar:

Last two buttons were added to change font size


Known Issues

  • This plugin does not work well with Ohmine theme
  • Adds duplicates of CSS for font size


This plugin can be installed from within Joplin by navigating to the plugins' page in the settings menu, then searching for and installing "Font Size Shortcut"


Source Code: Font Size Shortcut GitHub
Issues / Discussion: Discussion


Big thanks to @CalebJohn for all the help.


Thank you! This looks great.

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