Plugin Collections / "Essentials"

So I'm here soapboxing for ability to add/remove collections of plugins, where the available list of collections would be curated and managed within the existing plugin repository, and obviously that would require ability to represent / display / locate an entity which is just a container of references to other plugins along with custom name, metadata, etc. (ideally incl. integrity mgmt).

A seminal example would be an "Essentials" collection containing maintainers' choices for "Plugins most Joplin users are likely to want". Having some kind of signing/integrity mgmt would be nice, as perhaps would be having the references target specific versions of plugins, and include min Jopin version requirement, etc.

I'm pretty sure y'all get the concepts described, but ask Qs if not. Now that the list of plugins has become rather extensive, it's a bit difficult to judge what are the best "basic" plugins, what can safely work together, and so forth. Having maintainers provide a little guidance there via collections would be a huge plus. Further, ability to work with collections has lots of utility down the road -- f.e. could allow users to save/export their entire set as a collection, and then just import and install the collection to get em all back after a config incineration.

Again, idea's pretty obvious, seems valuable and offers benefits for both novices and experienced users. Is it blocked by something, or just nobody has time to do, or...?

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It's bizarrely under promoted but there is the plugin website (Joplin Plugins), which has the categories for each plugin, within the app itself only the recommended ones are signified though (they have a little crown next to them!)