Plugin API: Local settings for a specific profile

Hi there!

I've been using Joplin for quite a while now, and am so excited with the new multiple profile feature.

Some while ago, I began immersing myself in the plugin development of Joplin.
I'm curious of whether there is a way to store certain setting values locally only to a given profile, such that certain behaviors of a plugin can be configured differently when the user uses different profile.
For example, setting the default note of each profile that will be opened when Joplin starts or when switching between profiles.
(This has already been the case for "Homenote" plugin, except that the plugin doesn't store home note ID information of each profile locally. So whenever I set the home note of, say, profile A, and then I switch to profile B, the plugin reads the home note ID which note only exists in profile A. Consequently, Joplin shows default behavior—opening the last opened note—instead of opening the home note of profile B.)

I'm thinking of a Joplin command, accessible by "editor.execCommand," that returns the current/active profile's profile ID.
Henceforth, a private setting which caller name comprises the profile's profile ID (for instance, homeNoteId-profile-2rxlssqj or homeNoteId-profile-default) can set the desired data specific only to the given profile.
The data of a specific profile can then be accessed by the same process, i.e., getting the current/active profile's profile ID and then obtain the data of a private setting which caller name comprises the active profile's profile ID.

It would be great if such a back-end functionality be made available to Joplin.
Or if such a feature has been introduced before, I would be so glad if anyone points out the API reference which explains just how to do that.

Thank you!