Please help test the React Native upgrade for Android

React Native has been upgraded from v0.59 to v0.60, which was not easy, and it would be useful if you could give it a try and see if it’s all working for you. I’ve tested most features and everything seems to be fine but if you notice any issue please let me know.

The one feature that could not be kept unfortunately is the ability to share text or a URL with the Joplin app. The package we use was never very good to begin with and has been discontinued for a while so we’ll have to switch to a better one, if any.

This was a major feature that many people missed on iOS. I used it daily on my Android device.
I searched for other packages, but couldn’t find one. Not being able to share with Joplin is a hard thing to sell (feature-wise) for a note-taking app.
I will miss this greatly and hope that we will find a better solution really soon.

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Yes it’s always been high priority but none of the packages are very good. I wish react-native-community would include and maintain a proper package for this. They have one to share data from an RN app to other apps, but not in the other direction unfortunately.

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I’m going to to test it. I’ve seen version 1.0.318, is that the one which should be tested, right?

As regards to “share with” issue, it’s a pity but I hope you find a work around sooner or later.

@davidpoza, if you can test 1.0.318 even better. It’s the upgrade from RN 0.60 to RN 0.61. With that version we’re up to date with the RN upgrades.

I was testing 1.0.318 yesterday. It’s been a shallow testing, but everything seems to be working. I’ve not found any bug.

As expected, the main problem with RN, stuttering when editing a note, seems to be still buggy, we have to wait to 0.62.

does it fix the freezing issue we have on Android when opening a long note?

Thanks for checking @davidpoza. For the text editing issue, this is indeed in v0.62 but I’ll expect we’ll be able to switch to that version easily once it’s released (the hard part was 0.59 => 0 .60).

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Aye the sharing is one of the most useful things about Joplin. I often share webpages with Joplin to keep track of them.

Well, there’s a GSoC project/idea to solve this. Let’s hope somebody picks it up.

@laurent we have to change the description of that idea a bit. It still mentions that it is possible on Android.