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Please disable this welcome limit in the forum

Yesterday I signed up for this forum and I had a lot to post, a lot of features and problems. And when I continued posting, It said "New users cant post more than -some- limit in 14 hours. Try again in 14 hours. Screenshot in my profile and bio. Please disable it. Please let me post infinitely. Thanks.

The limit is there for a reason. We got spammed by new users with unreasonable feature requests and whatnot. Most forums do have such a limit. We won't change this globally.

You are already at trust level 1, so you might have hit the limit for the first 24h. This is a global option and I won't change that.

The limit for the first 24h is: 3 topics, 10 replies.


By today it will be more than 24 hours. Thanks.

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