PSA: Don't care about all the GSoC posts?

GSoC is wonderful etc, etc, however most of us probably don't need to be reading all of the introduction posts that will be coming in. If you don't want to see all of the posts in the GSoC category in your "feed", you can go to the category page:

then on the little bell icon


, select "muted":

Now those posts won't show up in your "Latest" feed. Later in the year once things are rolling, you may want to set it back to normal or Watching First Post.


Thanks for pointing this out. That's a super-handy "Discourse 201"-level tip that I wasn't even previously aware of. :)

I'm not personally interested in the #gsoc forum traffic, but still wish the participants all the best, and thank them in advance for their efforts!

Yes, the knowledge of muting things has greatly improved my Discourse experience.

I also wish all the GSoCders well.