Please add an option to set editor toggle limitations

Desktop version, at least.

As written somewhere, I only use experimental Rich Text editor - never ever in markdown (especially as it seems it could be risky...)

It's working perfectly.
I don't wish to - even by chance - hit a shortcut or click a button to toggle the editor.

Maybe we could have an option, as a dropdown list :

Editor toggle :

  • Allow all editors (default)

  • Only allow Markdown edition

  • Only allow Rich Text edition

It should then make the Toggle editors buttons appear or disappear / or to be grayed out (disabled).
It should ignore the shortcuts if not enabled according this option.

Ah... and have mercy, and maybe only in the third choice, remove the awful yellow banner "This is an experimental Rich Text editor for evaluation only"?

Thank you!


+1 For this feature, along with the request linked below.

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