Please add a button DATE LOCKED, and an Option

After importing a lot of notes, I had a few corrections to make to the imported notes.

Those are old notes I wish to keep the creation date - as a track, a proof, or just to remember later on.

Unfortunately, as soon as edited it automatically changes the date.

We could have an extra button here, which when clicked blocks the apparent modification date (until it's unlocked, of course) :

There could also be a related Option (default= false): "Always lock edition date".

Which would, if activated, first give the creation date to the note, then will never change its (apparent) date.

Million thanks!

PS : I'm recent fan of Jolpin. I have used for 20 years probably every note system and related.
We happily donated to Cherrytree, and still use it, but for an other usage, more documentation than notes.
I found Joplin a week ago, and I like it VERY much, in short - thank you!

The creation date is preserved even after you change the note. It's in the note info dialog ("i" button)

Ohhh thanks to let me know this!
But the sorting is on edition date, isn't it?

And the shown date is the edition one.

I would really (IMHO) prefer sorting on edition apart a few notes that you lock... hence the proposal.

PS: I hope I'm not too new to Joplin and having missed some features - sorry if it's the case. And thanks again Laurent!