Permission denied when i try to attach a file

Hi there,
I use Joplin on Ubuntu 20.04 and i try to attach a file who's in an OS directory and it gives me this issue:
Could not read the contents of MyFolder
Error opening directory'/media/Data/Users/.../MyFolder': Permission Denied

How can i fix that?

Thank You.

@yarden22 welcome to the forum

From what you have provided I am guessing that the user you are using to run Joplin does not have permission to enter / read from


Thank you, Yes but it is the only user, how can i enable permission?

Did you install Joplin from the app store? If so it's probably installed as a Snap, and so the default Snap sandboxing is preventing you from reading files outside of $HOME.

You can probably fix it by running this in the terminal.
sudo snap connect joplin-james-carroll:removable-media :removable-media
You can also go onto the app store and click the "permissions" button for a graphical view into it.
You'll likely need to reload Joplin so it can use its new permissions once you've done this.

Whilst I think that should allow access to /media, if it doesn't and accessing the files like that is something you'd do often, it's probably just better to download the AppImage version which is considered the official installation format, fixing permissions like this generally in Snap/Flatpak requires a lot of backend Electron work.


It worked, Thanks!