PDF support for Android app?

Hi. I am a new user mainly on a Windows laptop but I use the Joplin app on my android phone. I just hit a brick wall when i found there is no PDF support yet. Is there any timeline for adding this? It’s rather important to me.


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Can’t you add a PDF file in attachment and then use a pdf reader to open them ?

This is content imported from my migration from Evernote. It is an attachment. On the laptop double-clicking the file icon does indeed open it in my pdf reader and that was what I was expecting to happen in the app. However, when I do that I get a message pop-up ‘The Joplin mobile app does not currently support this type of link resource.’ Hence my question.

I’m checking if it’s still the case or if it’s seemed to be a import related issue .

so it’s still an issue and it’s a well known one

Is it the same issue? Your link refers to searching within a pdf if I read it correctly. My issue is the mobile app will not open an attached pdf and gives a clear indication that it cannot do so. So, yes, a known issue as it is the app that gives the information that it cannot be opened. I am wondering if the solution will come any time soon.

It’s frustrating for me to see this kind of bug , I’d like to fix this but don’t know how to … I really need to see reactJS…

Is there a solution for this issue?