Can't open PDFs on Android

Am I doing something wrong, or is something wrong with my import?

I see the PDF attachment link in my note (imported from Enex / Evernote). I tap on it, and am presented by the Android system with two apps that supposedly can open my PDF. However, neither is a PDF reader and neither can handle PDFs!

I've not had issues opening PDFs on my phone before. I have a couple PDF readers, and they and one is set to handle PDFs by default. Is Joplin somehow passing the wrong kind of file type to Android?

Can you copy here the link text? It might be something with syntax.

Here's an example. It appears to be an issue with all the ones I've tried.

<en-note><a href=':/67e77efac48d821c023c7387109df947'  hash="67e77efac48d821c023c7387109df947" type="application/pdf" alt="Vitchelo V800.pdf">  Vitchelo V800.pdf</a></en-media></en-note>

Can't help with HTML, not yet. I imported as Markdown.
Let's wait for more mature users.

I'm pretty sure it's because your note is HTML rather than Markdown.

So if I do an import from Evernote in HTML, attachments don't work on Android (but they do on desktop)? Is it really that simple? That's a bug then?

I've confirmed that the links work correctly when I've imported via Markdown. Seems this is a bug, since attachments aren't linked correctly for Android when Enex is imported as HTML.