Payload too large error on sync to Dropbox

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Joplin 2.12.19 (prod, darwin)

Client ID: 7b4e6bdb0eac4c3dacbc20e11e42aa9e
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 43
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 7081046

OCR: 0.3.2

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What issue do you have?

Running Joplin on macOS Sonoma 14.0. I have not yet downloaded any Joplin mobile, Windows, or Linux apps. Waiting until I have everything running smoothly on my primary workstation (macOS) first.

I'm brand new to Joplin - I've been using it just a few hours. I migrated several thousand notes out of Evernote and imported all the ENEXs into Joplin. Organized the notebook structure. All good so far.

I turned on Dropbox sync. I'm somewhat inclined to use my AWS S3 account, but for simplicity for the time being, as I migrate away from Evernote after 19 years, I opted to just Dropbox.

It ran for a while synchronizing everything. It seemed to complete the process.

I went off to to do some other work on the machine, and later returned to Joplin and changed a couple minor things (tags on two particular notes). It showed it was synchronizing:

Created remote items: 1.
Deleted remote items: 3

But it also reported the following error in the bottom left corner of the main window:

Completed: 26/11/2023 1:23 AM (114s)
Last error: Error: POST files/upload: Error (409): {"error_summary": "payload_too_large/..", "error": {".tag": "payload_too_large"}}

I am baffled by this error.

If it was synchronizing the notes I had just modified, neither of them are large. They're each 153 lines of text according to Tools > Statistics (5,883 characters -- no media files and just plain, straight up text sans any formatting. Both notes are identical but stored in different notebooks.

So why am I getting an error about the payload being too large?

If it is not referring to this note, how can I tell which note it is synchronizing and thinks is too large? I really do not have very many large notes of any kind. There are a few with a handful of images or PDF files in them, but none that are particularly large.

I exported a Debug Error under Help > Syncronisation status > Advanced Tools. But the CSV file it generates merely lists all the encrypted IDs, updated time, sync time, and has an is_conflict column. Not a single row in that file has any error references, nor anything under is_conflict.

Is there somewhere in Joplin I can get more specific information about why I'm getting error?

If you go under Tools => Attachments, is there any particularly large file?

Dropbox has a different API for large files (I think >150 MB). Joplin's Dropbox sync doesn't use this API and is thus limited to attachments smaller than about 150 MB.

Relevant issue:

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