Panel Scrollbar Style


I have developed a plugin called DDDot to offer several tools in a single panel.

I got a bug report saying the scroll bar style doesn't look right in the dark theme:

(The scroll bar at bottom-left corner)

If I understand correctly, there has no scroll bar style set for the plugin panel(joplin-plugin-content), it just uses the system default style. Am I correct?

Will Joplin offer a style for the plugin panel, or it must be the plugin author's duty to handle it? e.g design the style for all themes provided by Joplin.

Thanks for any advice.

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I don't think we apply any special style to the scrollbars, but if you find out how to fix this, let us know and I guess we can update the CSS.

Line 29-53

Add this css.

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too bad... I may need to change the scrollbar style according to the theme chosen.

But how can I determine the current theme? Any suggested method?

I Think this is possible with joplin.settings.globalValue("theme")?

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