Please add this app into the pacstall repository. Pacstall is the AUR for Ubuntu which will allow Ubuntu users to easily install the app and receive updates very shortly after an update is released.

I checked to see if there were any Joplin packages in there a while ago when writing Unofficial alternative Joplin distributions but didn't find any.

Ultimately (at least currently) the team only maintains a single Linux distribution for both the desktop and terminal clients (appimage for the former, node package for the latter). All of the other distributions are community maintained and if somebody creates and is maintaining a package on pacstall then feel free to add it to the wiki post linked above.

Sorry for my ignorance but what is the benefit of pacstall against appimage. From my side as a Joplin’s user on Ubuntu OS I can say Joplin appimage is working very well and if I update it using a Joplin’s installation/update script this process is very simple and it creates Joplin Linux desktop integration smoothly (a very well known appimage disadvantage that other appimage app has)

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One good reason to have something available via a package manager like pacstall or the AUR is that it allows you to keep everything on your system up to date in one place.
Just like apt on Ubuntu where you might regularly run sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade to make blanket updates to your packages, you can do the same with pacstall via pacstall -Up.

Thanks @Daeraxa good to know. I hope somebody can create and maintain this second alternative.

There are already a lot of actively maintained alternatives (as you can see in the list I linked before), both flatpak and snap are distribution agnostic, support the same features and, in Ubuntu in particular, snap is already one of the primary ways of installing new packages.

Right I have seen them. But based on my experiences only appimage working well in ubuntu. Snap file using an extremely a lot of memory compare with appimage and use a lot of resource when running and flatpack although better only appimage file cover my expectation as alternative as native apt package. Thanks again for your support.