Overwrite files when exporting

Would it be not helpful to be able to export in .md format and overwrite files? Currently file names are duplicated with a (x) added to file names to keep the existing files.
I export to .md format in order to commit my change to a Github repository. So currently I am obliged to first erase my export directory (which is also my Github local repository) before exporting.
I would like also to specify the export directory in parameters in order to not be obliged to select it each time.

Are you talking about the Desktop version or CLI/Terminal?

I am speaking about the Windows desktop version.

I need this from the CLI/Terminal version too.

I’m a Mac user. I expect to be able to search for everything using Mac Spotlight (the built-in Mac search). If I export my Joplin to a directory, Spotlight will index those files and everything “just works.”

But… I’d like to set up a scheduled task to do the export daily. I’d have to delete my JoplinExport directory or else I’d get duplicates. If I delete and re-create the folder, then Spotlight re-builds the index from scratch.

What I REALLY need is for Joplin to overwrite and to assign the note date to the timestamp of the exported file, so that Spotlight only re-indexes the updated/new notes.

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Overwriting would not work because what if you have two or more notes with the same title in a notebook ? How about notes or notebooks that have been deleted or renamed ? You’d then have duplicate or obsolete data in your directory.

There’s no built in solution for this and it’s unlikely there will be. You can however get it working using a custom script, for example by exporting to a temp directory then diff it with your real directory.